Razer Thresher Tournament Edition Review

Every console gamer knows that your equipment is as important as the console you use it with, and that is certainly the case if you take gaming seriously and want to win. This is why there have been many headsets and special controllers released over the years. Razer, being better known for their PC accessories, gaming laptops and PCs, has burst onto the eSports scene with many of their professional versions of their popular peripherals, including the Thresher Tournament Edition, but does this headset work well?

One of Razer’s newer headsets is the Tournament Edition of their patented Thresher headset, which at the time of this review sells for £99.99 on Razer’s official website. Luckily though, Razer was nice enough to send us one to review, so what comes in the box? Suprisingly very little, the box includes a quick start guide, a now-trademark Razer decal sticker and the actual headset, and that is it.

This headset is a stereo headset and works great across multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, PC, and also works on your mobile devices. The headset also comes with a little control box, and you can use this to turn up the volume and mute your microphone when you aren’t talking online. Its extremely easy to use and a pleasure to fiddle with, plus it’s never intrusive.

The headset has a nice visual flare, looking very sleek. This headset has nailed aesthetics very well with a microphone that retracts from the left ear cup. Unfortunately, you will most likely want to keep the microphone retracted as, sadly, the mic quality on this headset is mediocre at best. When I joined a party on the Xbox One, I asked my friends how I sounded, and one friend described that my voice sounded as if I was in a tunnel, it’s very disappointing. I then thought that maybe this was an Xbox One only issue, so I joined a friend’s party on PS4, and my voice was described as being way too far away from the microphone, even though the mic was literally resting on my lips. The microphone here is strangely terrible for a Razer product, especially for the standard hefty price tag.

The audio in the Thresher Tournament Edition is what you would expect from a stereo headset and not much more. The audio was nice and clear, but it didn’t blow me away. The sounds come through from its 50mm drivers, you can hear the loud lows and the crisp highs, but at times detailed sound effects do get drowned out and lost. The headset lacks surround sound which, normally at this price, most headsets have at least 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.


Developer: Razer

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

RRP: £99.99

Release Date: June 2017

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