Save Wizard for PS4 MAX Review

Cheats carry a lot of controversy in today’s gaming world, understandably so, with competitive multiplayer modes dominating the gaming scene right now, there’s no room for cheaters. But what about the single player games? Games that get discarded because of their high difficulty by casual gamers but have some of the deepest lore of any game (I’m looking at you Dark Souls). Now think back to the early days of video gaming. NES games were notoriously hard, unrelenting and unforgiving. Look at Battletoads, that game gave any gamer a headache, and so the Game Genie came out more often than not, a magic cheat device that allowed you unlimited lives or invincibility. It was a godsend to most and a necessity to others.

Well those days have returned with the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX, a piece of software that unlocks your PS4 games and bursts them wide open. On the surface, this little tool is just another game trainer application but in actual fact, this thing is a powerful piece of software. A PS4 game god that has its hands firmly around the neck of Sony’s flagship beast. It’s not free though, at roughly £60 to activate it, it’s not cheap but it’s for life and it gets updated very regularly.

It’s extremely easy to use. All that’s required is a compatible USB memory stick. You simply transfer your game saves to the USB memory stick, then place your memory stick into your PC, fire up Save Wizard and you’re free to select whatever cheats are available for your selected game. At the moment, not every game has cheats but any you desire can be requested via the Save Wizard website and they listen. The devs are also extremely active on their Facebook site to keep users updated on added games. After selecting whatever cheats you want, the software modifies your save file without removing it at all from the USB so after it’s completed, you simply put the USB memory stick back into your PS4 and copy it to the console, job done.

The Save Wizard developers aren’t stupid. They know cheating in multiplayer games will not only get you banned from PSN, but ruin any chances of you prestiging in Call of Duty: WW2. So forget about trying to cheat in games such as these as there are no cheats available and there probably won’t ever be, and rightly so. Stick to using this for games that are single player only, games such as Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered, the aforementioned Dark Souls 2 and 3, Bloodborne, Agents of Mayhem and the likes are all supported.

So what sort of cheats are we talking about? Well gone are the days of devices that allow infinite lives or invincibility but Save Wizard gives you a very close alternative. Dark Souls 3, for example, has cheats that give you a ridiculous amount of souls to level up your character to god-like levels; you can also have 99 of any item in your possession so having 99 Embers will surely be handy. The controversy starts here. Why would you want to cheat in a game that thrives from its difficulty? Why nullify the one thing that sets it apart from the rest? Well that answer is simple; not everyone is as skilful as some Souls players. Not everyone can take down the Nameless King without any armour armed with nothing but a twig. It’s these skill-less players that miss out on the excellent amount of lore and mystery that Dark Souls 3 is enriched in. Save Wizard, to me, offers a helping hand to those players. I, for one, have completed Dark Souls 3 and its expansions, it became one of my favourite RPG’s almost immediately and I did it without the help of the Save Wizard, but I would never frown upon anyone who wishes to use it to experience all what it has to offer. I even died still with the use of the cheats. Like I said before, the Save Wizard doesn’t make you invincible just gives you the upper hand.

You’re also able to obtain trophies. Using Save Wizard goes undetected when trying for that platinum trophy and makes it easier to earn. Maybe I disagree here, although trophy hunting has never been something I’ve been particularly bothered about, some people may think it to be unfair that a Save Wizard user has more trophies than  a non-user, and also ones that only experts would be able to obtain.

My other complaint is the exclusivity. I would love it if the Save Wizard guys could allow its software to become multiplatform as long as the console you’re cheating on has use of USB save transfers. This is purely for PlayStation 4 games though and nothing else.

Check it out HERE

Developer: Data Power Development

Publisher: Data Power Development

Platforms: PS4

Release Date: April 2017

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