The PS4 Neo May Actually Be Called PlayStation Forever and Looks to Be Fully Upgradeable


It turns out that PlayStation Forever is not a real thing as Sony have announced the PlayStation 4 Pro (Formerly known as PS4 Neo) Check out more details here.

Original Story:

There’s not long to go now until we know for sure what exactly the PlayStation 4 Neo is and what we can expect from Sony’s new and more powerful console. However, in the build up to Sony’s conference in New York tomorrow, an image has appeared online which has revealed something called the PlayStation Forever Edition which could be the official name of the PS4 Neo.

There are question marks over the name for sure, but the image shows what looks to be details about a new console that will be named PlayStation Forever. Since we know that Sony is releasing two new consoles and one of those is definitely the PS4 Slim, the PlayStation Forever is either the PS4 Neo or is a fake.

The features listed in the image certainly point to it being the PS4 Neo though with the Forever Edition stated as being the “Most Powerful System to Date”, and that it will output 4K resolution for games and movies with current PS4 games being upscaled to 4K.

While the PS4 Neo has yet to be announced, we do know that it will be an upgrade on the current PS4 model and will feature improvements to the CPU and GPU to help it achieve 4K. However, the most interesting part is that the image references the ability to upgrade various components of the console making it fully upgradeable.

This would be a first for a console, and if the PlayStation Forever Edition is the real name for the Neo, it would at least go some way to explaining the name since it looks like Sony are aiming for longevity with this one.

The components that you can replace and upgrade in the PlayStation Forever Edition include the Hard Drive and DDR 5 Ram. The graphics card is also said to be upgradeable, although only a PlayStation GPU will be able to be used which may limit how much extra performance you can achieve with each upgrade. There’s no mention of the CPU being upgradeable though, which may also limit just how far you can push the new console in the future.

PS4 Forever

There’s no doubt that a PC still looks like the better choice when it comes to having the freedom to upgrade your system as you please, however, Sony’s decision to introduce upgradeability with its new PlayStation 4 model will certainly make upgrading more mainstream and accessible.

ReviewsTechUSA posted a video earlier today that made the spot of the PlayStation Forever image and goes into more detail about what we might be able to expect from the PS4 and Sony in the future with regards to the Neo, or PlayStation Forever as it may be called.

We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

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