Giveaway: Want to Win a Free Copy of Out of the Park Baseball 17? Details Inside!

Thanks to Out of the Park Developments, we are giving away several copies of their hugely popular baseball management sim, Out of the Park Baseball 17!

Keep reading to find out how you can get in with a chance of winning!

Out of the Park Baseball 17 allows players to step into the shoes of a GM and run their baseball franchise any way they want, with dozens of leagues and hundreds of teams to choose from. The MLB is also fully licensed for the first time allowing for an authentic and realistic playthrough. Not only that, but Out of the Park Baseball 17 comes packed with customisation options which allow you to customise your franchise and league from top to bottom, including the ability to create your very own baseball leagues and franchises from scratch.

If you’re a huge fan of sports management and simulation games, you’ll love Out of the Park Baseball 17. If you also happen to love baseball, then it’s a match made in heaven, although it’s not a requirement as even non-baseball fans will be able to appreciate and enjoy the massive depth and scope of the game.



Here are some of the features you can expect from Out of the Park Baseball 17:

  • The all-new MLBPA license lets players come alive. For the first time ever, Out of the Park Baseball features authentic FaceGen images of real players. With player aging, real-time emotion, and automatic uniform adjustment based on trades and free agency for most major leaguers, you’re more in touch with your club than ever.
  • New 3D animation with moving player symbols making plays and greatly improved authentic 3D major league ballparks deliver the most powerful in-game experience yet.
  • All-new Historical Exhibition mode allows you to pit any two major league teams from 1901 to 2015 against each other in a single game or series of multiple lengths. Or set up any past World Series matchup with authentic rosters automatically imported. What if…?
  • Authentic historical minor league systems from 1919 through 2015 with a database of more than 100,000 real players let you navigate farm systems to unprecedented levels.
  • New support for multi-core processors means that Out of the Park Baseball 17 cranks through simulations and other tasks at up to 60% better speeds than last season.
  • Automatically generated game recaps headlines and stories report on key events throughout the games and your overall experience.
  • GMs will face smarter, more cunning AI GMs and managers that have individualized, personal approaches to roster-building, scouting, and finances.
  • A beautiful, redesigned game interface makes it easy for armchair GMs and managers to build their baseball empire.
  • And much more, like recoded scouting, better AI, more realistic player development, definable trade needs, etc. Dozens of new features await you!

If Out of the Park Baseball 17 sounds like the kind of game for you, here’s how you can be in with a chance of winning!

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You can find Out of the Park Baseball 17 on Steam now!

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