Can a Deapool/Spider-Man Crossover Game Ever Be a Possibility?

We all know there have been many Deadpool and Spider-Man crossover comics, especially with the new ones that have been released this year. There is plenty of material there to work with for a whole new game based off of this idea. With the new Spider-Man game that was announced at E3 and the Deadpool game that was released in 2013, we can only hope a crossover game with both characters will be considered someday.

The first time Deadpool and Spider-Man met was in The Amazing Spiderman #611. Since then, they’ve had multiple interactions in other comic book issues such as Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3-5,  The Amazing Spider-Man #611, 695, Annual #38, Deadpool (volume 3) #11, 67, and Deadpool’s Art of War #2-4 just to name a few, but these do not include the recent ones they are featured in together like Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-).

Now, before we get started with some of the potential plots that could be used, I’ll give you a warning: If you haven’t already read the comics listed above, stop and read them so nothing will be spoiled for you further in this feature. But if you have no interest in them, then carry on.

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Let’s start off with the premise of a game based off of the new Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) comic series. In the first issue, Deadpool drags Spider-Man into hell to team up and try to get closer to him so he can get to Peter Parker, the founder of Parker Industries, who has a bounty on his head. And of course, there’s their classic love/hate relationship. This would make a perfect first chapter of a game that lets you choose between both of them, right? And yes, I said both. Why not have both sides of the story be told from their own perspectives and decide who to play as first? Now, I don’t think they would release a Marvel game, specifically a Spider-Man game, featuring Satan as a character, however, I could be wrong about that since there are a number of games out there that do mention Satan in some character’s history and even feature him as a character.



Now, let’s go back to the very first time Deadpool and Spider-Man crossed paths in The Amazing Spiderman #611. Deadpool was hired to stall Spider-Man so Madame Web can get kidnapped. You got to love the bit when they have a young mama joke battle with spectators listening in on them. Again, this could also make for a good first chapter and have Stilt Man as the first mini-boss.

There are a number of possibilities for a great crossover here if a Deadpool and Spider-Man game ever does get made. Even if a development team decides to come up with a great brand new idea, us fans would buy it. But let’s hope it would work and be what we would want.

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