Mass Effect: Andromeda Details Revealed

The highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda was shown off at today’s EA conference, it was one of the bigger titles shown and we got a lot more details on the game for a release in 2017.

We didn’t get a solid release date yet, but we gained some more other information on the game. It seems you play as a human again as you’re set on rebuilding the human race, but we got to see a female Krogan. The game is set in the far future and will include new species, planets, and technology. We finally got to see some gameplay, although it was short and in glimpses. It’s been redone and looks fantastic, it will be interesting to see the new biotics and what kind of wildlife we will discover.

For the first time ever, Mass Effect will run on the Frostbite engine, and the game will run and look better than ever with more freedom and a deep universe for players to get lost in.

We will update the news story once we get more information, but check the new trailer below in the meantime.



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