Tilt Pack Review

Tilt Pack is an exclusive game available to play on Nintendo Switch. It was released on 11th February 2020. The game was developed by NAVEL and published by SUPER! NAVEL is committed to developing experiences that move players. SUPER! have a desire and focus on growing the video games industry and changing it for the better.

Multiplayer Madness

Tilt Pack is, first and foremost, a multiplayer fighting game. You can play with up to four players, or you can play solo. The solo mode consists of fighting against AI to complete tournament-style matches in different arenas. Once you have completed the first set of matches, you will unlock random mode. After completing all sets of the matches, you will unlock one final set. All characters available to play as are already unlocked, so you won’t need to unlock them.

As I have mentioned, when playing the game in multiplayer mode, you can have up to four players. If you do not have four players, you can choose to play with just the players you have or fill the extra spaces with AI. You can then choose an arena type or set it to random. The winner of each set of multiplayer matches is determined through the best out of four.

When you are playing with four players, it can feel quite chaotic. Some of the arenas are rather small, so there isn’t much room to move around. This makes the game quite exciting, and when playing with other people, we found it funny how we were all trying to fit into such a small space.

Movement and Power-Ups

The movement in Tilt Pack is extremely simple. All you need is the analog stick on the Nintendo Switch controller to move around in each arena. You will flip around the other players when using the analog stick. When on the menu to choose your arena and character, you can use the A button to select the option you would like.

During the different matches, you can make use out of a variety of power-ups. These can make your character grow larger or attack the other players to make them bounce away from you and more. These can come in very handy in giving you an advantage. There are also times where the power-ups can be your downfall. As I have mentioned, some of the arenas are extremely small, and some of them even have spikes on the walls and floors. When playing in these arenas, it may not be a good idea to use a power-up that will make you bigger because you are more likely to fall off an edge or bump into the spikes.

Strangely Creative

Tilt Pack offers players some extremely strange and creative characters to fight with and arenas to fight in. As I mentioned, you don’t need to unlock any characters, so when you begin the game, you can select whichever characters stand out to you. Each character is very different. There are characters that look like Transformers, characters that are really cute and even a character that looks like a chicken. They all have unique names to match as well.

The arenas in Tilt Pack are also very unique. Each one offers something different and normally involves some sort of movement. This is to throw you off and make you either fall off an edge or into a hole. It is very fun to manoeuvre around in each arena because you need to dodge obstacles whilst attacking the other players.

Short but Sweet

Tilt Pack is extremely fun to play, especially with others. The biggest issue that I found with the game is how short it is. It only takes around 20 minutes or so to get through each set of arenas when playing solo. Once you have gotten through the solo mode, you don’t feel the need to do it again.

Tilt Pack is perfect as a party game, and it is also great for all ages, so I think that families would really enjoy playing it together, and this makes the multiplayer mode easy to go back to. The only issue with this is that I don’t think I would play it any other time. It is only really a game I would play when having friends over for a game night, and since the solo mode doesn’t offer much gameplay, I can’t imagine playing Tilt Pack on a daily basis.

One great thing about Tilt Pack is that it is quite cheap to purchase. If you and your friends are looking for something fun to play when you are all having a night in, then Tilt Pack might be the way to go just because of how inexpensive it is. When thinking of the price for the game, it is pretty great value for money just for the odd laugh during a game night.

Tilt Pack Overall

Tilt Pack is a lot of fun. It is creative, funny and easy to play. The game is extremely laid back and is great for families or as a party game. Tilt Pack is also suitable for all ages. The game definitely has a lot of great points, but it is not without its issues, namely with the solo mode being too short, which in turn does not make this a game you would want to play on a daily basis.

The game doesn’t offer much of a challenge either. The only challenge is presented from obstacles within the arenas and the challenge of beating your friends and family. It would have been great to see a challenge of unlocking more arenas and characters instead of being offered all of them straight from the get-go.

Among the best things about Tilt Pack are the characters and arenas that it offers because these are very unique. It has some of the strangest characters I have ever seen in a multiplayer fighting game. The fact that all of the characters and most parts of the arenas are quite square or rectangular-shaped is also a strange but interesting characteristic. You would think that a rectangle or square-shaped character would struggle to have such fluid and light movement, but Tilt Pack defies any laws of gravity or science. The best way to describe Tilt Pack is that it is silly, chaotic and lighthearted fun.

Developer: NAVEL

Publisher: SUPER!

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 11th February 2020

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