Panty Party Review

Panty Party was originally released on PC in January 2017. It has now been released for Nintendo Switch on 25th April 2019. The game was developed by Animu Game and published by COSEN Co Ltd. Panty Party is an action shooter game. COSEN Co Ltd. have made it clear that Panty Party contains no hentai and that all you get is funny and stupid panties.

The Warrior of Love

Panty Party tells the story of “The Warrior of Love”. A pair of talking panties approaches a teenage schoolgirl because it believes she is “The Warrior of Love”. The girl has the ability to turn into a pair of panties and takes on evil panties to save the human race against a panty takeover. The language the characters use in the game is Japanese; however, there are English subtitles available that allows you to understand what the characters are saying.

As the player of Panty Party, you will have the opportunity to use different abilities to defeat the evil panties. You can choose to play as different types of panties that you unlock as you complete the story, and each pair of panties has different advantages, though they also share basic abilities, like floating, dodging and using a kind of power-up. The power-up is connected to a gauge that fills as you fight. When it is full, you can activate it, and your normal abilities will be stronger and quicker.

Panty Party also has an arcade mode. This is where you can complete a tournament-style fight to see how far you can get. It is a race against the clock to defeat evil panties, and if you win, you move onto the next round. The goal is to win the whole tournament without dying. Another mode that is available is a multiplayer mode. This is where you can play with friends and work together to beat the evil panties. You can play the entire game either handheld or through the TV.

Lost in Translation

Panty Party is definitely as crazy as it sounds. There are a couple of issues with the game. One of these issues is that the game is riddled with spelling mistakes for the English subtitles. Words are also sometimes split across two lines, which is frustrating because you end up having to read a lot of stuff twice to make sure it is fully understood. The subtitles to understand what the characters are saying are just messy.

There is another thing about Panty Party that isn’t really an issue; however, it is a little weird and kind of creepy. Some of the panties talk with a male voice-over. Now, a male voice-over would be fine if the voice matched the underwear. The weird thing is that the majority of the male panties are extremely cutesy. They come out with the really masculine Japanese male voice to match a cute pair of panties with a picture of a teddy bear on it. This makes no sense whatsoever. The fact that it makes no sense is Panty Party all over. It is like a mysterious gaming entity that cannot be understood or explained.

Insane but Hilarious

The greatest thing about Panty Party is how crazy and insane it is. Because of its craziness, it makes for a great party game. When you are having a games night with some friends and enjoying a few beverages, it is a great addition to your party. The idea of playing as a pair of panties and destroying other evil panties is absolutely hilarious. If you are looking for a serious game to play, then I would say to steer clear of Panty Party. If you want to play something that is extremely silly and that makes no sense, then this will be the game for you.

Panty Party isn’t just about the craziness. Another great thing about the game is that it is quite challenging. Evil panties are quite difficult to destroy. The boss panties in the game can also be tough. To beat them the key is to move around aimlessly and attack at every opportunity. It’s not a very good strategy, but I have found that it works.

As I have mentioned, the different panties have different abilities. It is extremely fun trying out different abilities because some of them are very strange. The majority of the panties have a ranged attack, like a machine gun or a type of laser. What I don’t understand is how the panties hold these weapons or where the weapons come from.

Panty Party Overall

Panty Party is quite fun to play just because of how crazy it is. It also makes for a great party game. The game definitely has some issues, which mainly lie with the English subtitles being a complete mess. It is not a game to take too seriously. Overall, Panty Party does have some pretty good qualities with the variety of weapons and the challenging aspect to it. The problem is that I can’t get over how the game just does not make any sense. When I play a game, I at least want it to have some sort of substance, and Panty Party just doesn’t offer that at all. After the humor to the game wears off, it becomes quite boring and just more of the same.

Developer: Animu Game

Publisher: COSEN Co Ltd

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 25th April 2019

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