Sausage Sports Club Review

From its very name, Sausage Sports Club wants you to understand that it’s absurd and silly. Animals with long, sausage-like necks falling, smashing, throwing each other around on a stage simply to win. Silly? Yes. Strange? Absolutely. Fun? Surprisingly, yes. Don’t go into Sausage Sports Club expecting grand cutscenes that are fully animated, nor should you expect deep game mechanics that take long to learn. Sausage Sports Club is about one thing: being absolutely silly with your friends.

Sausage Sports Club makes its Switch debut wanting you to gather friends and family around the TV for silly, mini-game goofiness. The game itself is split into 3 modes: Adventure, Free Play, Quick Play. Adventure Mode feels more like the complete package, giving you an adventure that allows you to earn XP to unlock more content. Free Play and Quick Play allow you to quickly jump into a match, but besides the core game types in those modes, there isn’t too much to do in them.

Personally, I had a great time with Sausage Sports Club. Adventure Mode was a lot of fun for me, playing the bizarre mini-games were fun, and the content I could unlock after beating those mini-games was cute. Earning XP unlocks new stadiums and character types. Completing challenges throughout the world gives you coins, which you can spend in a hat shop to buy…well, hats. It might seem like a small detail, but it’s surprising how many different hats are available in the game and how getting more hats becomes a fun, addicting gameplay element. The game also features plenty of locations for you to visit in Adventure Mode, which helps change things up when you start getting bored of the previous area you are in.

The real fun of Sausage Sports Club is when you get friends or family to play with you. Each match starts off in complete chaos and typically ends in complete chaos. By complete chaos, I mean you’ll be throwing, smashing, and slamming your friends and family all around or off the map in order to be victorious in whatever mini-game you play. Sausage Sports Club supports up to 8 players in Quick Play mode, so plenty of your friends and family can join in on the fun. Even the Adventure Mode supports 4 players, which can make it a blast trying to unlock new content through XP while fighting your friends. Sausage Sports Club is the type of game for Mario Party people, people who want to get friends and family together for a fun time in a simple, fun game.

That said, I should tell you that Sausage Spots Club isn’t a very deep game. It’s a lot of fun to play with friends, but once you’ve unlocked content in Adventure Mode, it’s really a limited experience. If you don’t have friends or family to play Quick Play mode with, then the game gets old fairly quick. You can play matches or even Adventure Mode with A.I. It really isn’t as fun without people next to you, but it’s a passable experience. The other major thing to note is that this game is pretty unplayable in handheld mode on Nintendo Switch. This is not the fault of the Switch though, the game looks and plays great on Switch hardware. The problem is the screen. The screen is simply too small to keep track of your character when playing the game with friends. Can you play with multiple people in handheld mode on Switch? Sure, but with all the chaos happening on-screen, it’s close to impossible to figure out what’s happening. Best thing to do is play Sausage Sports Club on your TV since it’s much easier to keep track of the action that way.

Developer: Luckshot Games

Publisher: Luckshot Games

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Release Date: 19th July 2018

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