Homefront: The Revolution Getting Major Expansion in 2017, Two DLCs Planned for 2016

Homefront: The Revolution will be getting three pieces of DLC for the single-player campaign, including one major expansion which will be releasing in 2017, Deep Silver has announced.

The game will be receiving two pieces of DLC later this year for the campaign. ‘The Voice of Freedom’ and ‘Aftermath’. Both add-ons will add new areas for players to explore as well as adding “several hours of original single-player content that complement Homefront‘s huge 30-hour campaign”.

However, the expansion that will be of most interest will be coming in 2017 and will be called ‘Beyond The Walls’. No details have been revealed yet by Deep Silver, but judging by the name we’d take a guess that it will introduce a totally new playable area outside of Philadelphia, perhaps? They do state that it is a “much larger expansion” compared to the two DLCs arriving later on in 2016.

As well as releasing these expansions, Deep Silver also confirmed that they will be releasing several new co-op missions to the game for free, with the first mission due to arrive in June.

All three pieces of single-player DLC are included with the Expansion Pass which is currently available when you purchase the Freedom Fighter Bundle package for the game, however, it is likely that the Expansion Pass will be made available to purchase separately soon, allowing you to grab all three expansions at a reduced cost.


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