Grand Ages: Medieval heading to PC & PS4 September 29

Grand Ages: Medieval_20150713102212

Grand Ages: Medieval will be launching in North America on September 29 on PC and PlayStation 4, Kalypso and developer Gaming Minds Studios has announced.

It appears that Grand Ages Medieval will not be released on Xbox One with the game being a PC and PS4 exclusive. The PS4 version has been developed by Gaming Minds Studios for whom this will be their first PlayStation 4 title, however the studio is said to be made up of strategy veterans.

Grand Ages Medieval is a real-time strategy game set during the Middle Ages. Players will start the game in the year 1050 A.D and will start by governing a small European settlement. From there, it is your goal to lead your citizens into glory by expanding trade routes and your nation’s influence. You can also take your conquest for power to the rest of Europe, with the playing area a whopping 20 million km, giving players a truly “grand scale” strategy game. The game will also feature eight-player multiplayer.

Developer Gaming Minds Studios also revealed that PS4 players can expect the game to run at a full 1080p in all game modes.

“The team and I at Gaming Minds Studios have been looking forward to sharing this news with you for some time — Grand Ages: Medieval will be launching on PS4 September 29th,” stated Gaming Minds Studios Creative Director & Studio Manager, Daniel Dumont. “We’ve been working diligently on the PS4 version for some time, so it’s a big deal for us that I can finally introduce the game to the PlayStation community today.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

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