You can now play Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on Origin

Dragon Age: Inquisition is now free to try on Origin, giving players access to try out the story as well as jump into multiplayer.

Once downloaded, you can play six hours of the games single-player campaign, no strings attached. You also will get unlimited access to the games multiplayer which is now free for everyone and will give you access to the multiplayer expansions, meaning that you only have to purchase the full game if you plan on completing the story beyond your 6 hours game time. If you upgrade to the full-game, your progress will also carry over.

In multiplayer, you can explore the world of Dragon Age with friends and take part in adventures and fight enemies alongside anyone who owns the full game or trial. Those who own the trial edition will also be able to take part in weekend challenges which will earn you in-game rewards.

EA have stated that this offer is for a “limited time only” however it doesn’t state on the Origin website how long the offer will remain open for.


Source: Origin

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