Final Fantasy XI shuts down console servers

Final Fantasy XI has now closed its servers for all users still playing on Xbox 360 and PS2 having been announced last March. The PS2 version was released in Japan in early may, 2002 lasting nearly 14 years and making it the longest running MMO on consoles, at least not including private servers for games such as Phantasy Star Online.

At its peak the game amassed over 500,000 registered players with Square Enix continuing steady support for the game, its final major expansion releasing only last year. It is a sad day as it not only marks the end of a fondly remembered MMO on consoles but also the shutdown of the last PS2 game with online functionality, effectively putting the final nail in the coffin of perhaps the greatest console of its generation.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XI will continue to run with Square Enix allowing all Console players to transfer their characters to the PC version without needing to purchase a new copy of the game.

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