Blizzard has Patched out a Masturbation Joke from Overwatch

It’s amazing some of the easter eggs and hidden jokes you can find in video games and Overwatch is no exception to that. However eagled eyed gamers have spotted that after the most recent beta patch for Overwatch, Blizzard has removed a masturbation joke from the game. To be honest, the joke was pretty subtle so it seems surprising that it was on Blizzard’s “remove” list although there will of course be several likely reasons for doing so.

But what was the joke I hear you ask? Well, the latest Overwatch beta patch added a new escort level, Route 66, which is home to the Deadlock Gang. The level is filled with details showcasing what the gang get up to in their spare time and let’s say they aren’t the nicest of people. One of the game’s playable characters, Cowborg Mcree, used to be a member of the gang but since he turned his back on his former crew, the Deadlock Gang appear to now despise him, which is understandable I guess.

One of the subtle details about what the Deadlock Gang get up to in their spare time was found in the outhouse however, where reddit user Gingerzap pointed out that the floor in the outhouse was littered with magazines. These weren’t just any magazines however as they featured raunchy images of Overwatch heroines Symmetra and Mercy. You can guess what the joke is therefore hinting at.  If you can’t, you are probably too young to be playing Overwatch anyway.

However several days after the update was released, the magazines appear to have been removed from the game. Maybe the Deadlock Gang wanted to get rid of the evidence now that everyone was stumbling through Route 66?

It’s these types of easter eggs which help add personality to games and make the characters within the worlds feel more like living, breathing beings than some pixels on a screen. Although as Overwatch has a video game rating of “Teen”, the joke may be deemed a little inappropriate for younger audiences as well as the fact that it doesn’t portray women in the best light possible. Still, it did seem to give everyone with a sense of humour a few laughs that’s for sure.

Thanks Kotaku for sharing this story!

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