Possible Nintendo NX Controller Design Leaked

UPDATE: (25/03/2016) As of today the pictures have been proven to be a hoax by youtube user ID 2Dev, who created the images using 3D modelling and photoshop.


In recent months there has been a lot of talk about Nintendo’s new NX console, especially after news that Japan would start to discontinue the basic Wii U.

There have been many ‘leaks’ recently, many proving to be false, but a Reddit user posted 2 images of what looks like a possible design for the NX controller.

The pictures seem to show a small oval shaped controller with two small nub-like analogue sticks and no visible buttons. There is also a sticker across the top of it that reads ‘confidential property’

Reddit user perkele37 commented that the controller used something similar to haptic feedback as opposed to regular rumble features, and that there was a mouse scroll wheel like device at the top of the controller; he speculated that this may not be the final design.

The design of the controller does look like it will be using smartphone style ‘virtual’ buttons instead of the traditional kind. Only time will tell if this is another fan-made hoax or an official prototype.

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