Dark Souls personality under fire for plagiarism

The Dark Souls community has been set upon its head today, when one of its most prominent members had plagiarism accusations cast against him. VaatiVidya currently has 425,136 subscribers on YouTube, as well as a Patreon pulling in $5,572.41 a month. The accusations come from another community member, Aegon of Astora in a very comprehensive video that you can watch below.

VaatiVidya’s reply can be found here.

The Dark Souls (and Bloodborne) lore is well-known for being very subtle and open to interpretation, hence the reason why such a strong community has formed around the game. Obviously, there is only so many possibilities for producing videos on the games, but the similarities that Aegon of Astora has drawn really are quite compelling. A lot of accounts of Vaati not giving sufficient credit are also brought-up.

Aegean of Astora also showed results from plagiarism programs which concluded that there was indeed a very high chance of plagiarism. VaatiVidya responded by claiming that this could in-fact be due to quoting items descriptions and other stories from the game, you’ll have to draw your own conclusions from that.

Patrick Klepeck from Kotaku also weighs in on the issue here. An interesting take for sure and worth reading, with plenty of extended information.

The donations on Patreon really are the real problem. Could VaatiVidya have run out of ideas, and the pressure of Patreon lead him to look elsewhere for ideas? Is he lazy? Or greedy? Or is it just a bad case of coincidence. Have a look through the resources and come to your own conclusion and let us know. Coincidence, influence or re-creation?

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