Star Citizen loses its executive producer

Cloud Imperium, the developers behind Star Citizen have announced that executive producer, Alex Mayberry has left the company. It was rumoured earlier in the week that he had left the company, but it has now been confirmed that he left in June for “personal reasons”.

Mayberry’s workload will be taken over by Cloud Imperium’s Global Head of Production, Erin Robert who is the brother of founder Chris Roberts

In a statement released by a Studio rep, they stated, “We were sorry that Alex had to leave the CIG family. No impact at all on development. In fact, it’s full steam ahead for us as always.”

Star Citizen has encountered a few problems as of late with the FPS module being delayed indefinitel and having received over $85million via crowd-funding, the pressure is being cranked up on the studio to deliver on its promises.

Mayberry isn’t the only high-profile figure to leave Cloud Imperium in recent weeks, with Senior Produce Travis Day also having left the company in June to join Blizzard.

However there is positive news coming out of Cloud Imperium this month with the announcement that they have opened a new office in Frankfurt which will be home to “some of the top game developers in this part of the world”.

“We are extremely pleased to have them on our team and working with CIG in all aspects of creating Star Citizen. Their experience in working on CryEngine will pay huge dividends for us in the very near future,” Chris Roberts said in a statement. “Some of their contributions are already showing up in in our single player game, Squadron 42, and our first person shooter elements.”


Source: Cloud Imperium



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