Pre-Orders For New Game Boy Game Genesis Is Now Live

Spacebot Interactive has teamed up with Incube8 to bring us a new Game Boy game for us Game Boy gamers and fans called Genesis. It is now live, and if you’d like to own it, you better act fast. You can get it here for $44.99. Genesis is a brand new shmup for Game Boy, developed by 7FH using GBDK.

Fight your way through hordes of enemies to reach the boss of each action-packed level, defeat them to progress and get closer to the core of Genesis. Can you save the world from the evil invasion?

What you get when you pre-order Genesis is the following:

  • Sealed box
  • Black game cartridge
  • Cartridge protector
  • Game manual
  • Pre-sale versions include a limited edition Genesis stickers sheet.

Genesis for the Game Boy is currently available on pre-order until June 7th, 2021 2PM EST and ships in September 2021. You can see the trailer video down below.

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