First Faction Announced for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Paradox Interactive have begun to announce the five major factions vying for control in Seattle. The first of these factions are the Pioneers. Led by Lou Grand, this faction appeals to the most traditionalist of vampires and is reminiscent of a time when the city flourished.

Like most of the factions, the Pioneers contain a mix of vampires from various clans. Notably, Toreadors, who miss the former beauty of Seattle, would want to join the Pioneers.

Members of this faction include individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, most likely all with ties to the first generations of vampires from Seattle. Alongside dynasties with old money, it attracts those from loggers and fishermen, to artists and musicians.

From the RTX gameplay video, the narration from Lou hints at the former glory of Seattle. She speaks of sailors with pockets full of cash and citizenry plagued with vices. Whilst most of her speech references the earlier days of Seattle, elements from the first Bloodlines game echo through. An early 2000s Los Angeles had a hedonistic night scene, where people sold things ranging from drugs to their bodies, with little regulation.

“Seattle was the last frontier. Who didn’t love it?”

Read more about the RTX trailer HERE

Selection of Factions

From E3 gameplay footage, there was an objective to speak to representatives from a series of clans. Listed among them were: Pioneers, Baron, Camarilla, and Tremere. Baron is a title used by Anarchs and can be thought of as the equivalent of the Camarilla Prince.

There are going to be five factions in Bloodlines 2. The names of only four factions appear in the gameplay footage, leaving the identity of the fifth unknown.

As the player completes quests for each faction, there would likely be changes in reactions from all the factions. It is unknown as to whether quests for factions will affect clan options or that clan choice affects faction quests.

Vampire: The Masquerade enthusiast Outstar made a video in June 2019 highlighting these factions and their roles in the Fifth Edition of the tabletop game. In the video she highlights the emphasis on the history of Seattle by developers, notably, that Lou Graham, a rich and classy woman who was famous as the madame of a brothel, matches the appearance of Lou Grand.

Paradox will be releasing information on the other major factions over the following weeks.

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