Bandai Namco Releases Digimon Survive Opening Cutscene

Earlier in the month, Bandai Namco’s next Digimon video game, Digimon Survive, had its release date pushed back to 2020. Yesterday, we were treated to an opening cutscene featuring major characters shortly before they take part in a history field trip.

Check it out below:

Among characters who stood out in the scene, there is a trio of friends: Takuma Momozuka, Aoi Shibuya, and Minoru Hyuga. Their partner Digimon will be Agumon, Labramon, and Falcomon, respectively.

Another prominent character is Saki (image below), whose partner Digimon will be Floramon. She appears to be on speaking terms with another boy in her class who wears a purple headband and a purple-lined white top, and he tends to speak rudely to other girls in the class. It is not clear if they are related, friends, or simply classmates; he has not appeared in any other Digimon Survive media so far.

Shuuji, who appears in the opening cutscene as somebody in a position of authority, will be a prominent character in-game. He is a tall male with black hair, glasses, and an almost fern green jacket; he is likely a more senior student or a teacher responsible for the students on the field trip. Shuuji does not have a confirmed Digimon partner.

Before the students leave for the field trip, they watch a news report about an earthquake that happened nearby. The scene then transitions to a dark forest with tall trees where an old man finds himself surrounded by glowing red eyes before transitioning back to the school.

Lastly, a prominent character not at the school during the cutscene is Miu (image below). She is skipping along a path on the way to somewhere to the disapproval of, presumably, her older brother before being surprised by falling snowflakes. She does not have a confirmed Digimon partner, nor has she appeared in previous media.

As Takuma leaves the school, he turns and notices a ghost in a window and hears faint singing. When he continues to leave, the movie cuts to a hallway in the school, which appears to transition into an image of the same hallway with posters taken down and vines growing inside. A girl sings to her sleeping brother in one of the classrooms.

These are the subtitled lyrics for the girl’s song:

“There’s a lot of stars…
From ancient times
Warmth does not disappear.
The world is without a companion.
The voice of the spirit echoes…”

Check out more about the initial announcement of Digimon Survive HERE

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