Hitman 2 June Roadmap Detailed, New DLC Arriving on June 25th

IO Interactive has revealed their roadmap for June, which includes a range of free content, as well as a brand new bank location that will be releasing on June 25th.

The theme for Hitman 2 this month centers around “Greed Kills”, meaning players can expect a number of new contracts and assignments that all revolve around money and wealth. It seems only right, therefore, that the game’s paid DLC releasing on June 25th is titled ‘The Bank’.

‘The Bank’ is the first new location to be added to Hitman 2 and will see Agent 47 take a trip to the United States, where you must infiltrate an investment bank. More details will be released over the coming weeks, but the DLC will include a new campaign mission titled ‘Golden Handshake’. IO Interactive adds that players can expect new gameplay opportunities, challenges and new unlocks ‘that will change the way you play’.

‘The Bank’ DLC is included as part of the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass. Two new missions are also being added exclusively to the Expansion Pass. These Special Assignments add new targets and challenges to complete to the game’s existing locations. The first two maps to get this treatment in June are Mumbai and Santa Fortuna, which include the Embrace the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur missions, respectively. These will also take place at a different time of day compared to their normal mission version.

June 25th will also see the release of the next game update, which will include a number of bug fixes and gameplay improvements as highlighted by the community.

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