EA Access Finally Coming to PlayStation 4 This July

EA has announced that it will be bringing its gaming subscription service EA Access to Sony’s PlayStation 4 sometime in July.

EA Access has been available on Xbox One and on PC (in the form of Origin Access) since 2014, and despite EA’s previous interest in bringing the subscription service to PlayStation 4 gamers, for one reason or another, it hasn’t happened. Thankfully, that will finally be changing.

Until now, Sony has resisted attempts from EA to bring EA Access to the PlayStation 4, with the Japanese company stating previously that they felt that the service didn’t represent good value for PlayStation gamers. It’s not clear what has since changed, but the addition of EA Access will give PS4 gamers another way to enjoy a wide range of games for a monthly fee.

For those unfamiliar with EA Access, it provides subscribers with unlimited access to a number of EA titles for a fixed monthly fee and includes popular games from franchises such as FIFA, Battlefield and The Sims. EA Access subscribers also get extra discounts on EA games, as well as getting access to a 10 hour trial of new games a few days before they launch. An EA Access subscription currently costs £4 a month, or you can grab a yearly subscription for £20.

While it’s not been confirmed officially by EA just yet, it also looks like users will have to buy a separate subscription for both their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 rather than using one account across both platforms.

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