Steam Hits One Billion Accounts

Since Steam first launched in 2003, it has pretty much dominated the PC landscape and is still by far the most popular PC gaming platform in the world. Steam has continued to grow and has now welcomed its one billionth registered account.

According to Steam ID Finder, Steam’s billionth account was registered on April 28th with the ID of 1,000,000,000. Members of the Steam community have been quick to mark the occasion and have posted more than 18 pages’ worth of comments on the account’s profile to celebrate the landmark.

However, the number of Steam accounts should not be confused with the number of users as it’s likely that millions of Steam accounts will either have been banned, are bots or belong to gamers who have more than one Steam account.

Last year saw Steam break its record for the most concurrent users with 18 million people being logged into Steam at the same time. A record 90 million monthly active users were also recorded in 2018, in addition to Steam averaging 47 million daily users. Since then, the number of concurrent users has fluctuated around the 15 million mark with a peak of 15.7 million users logging into the platform within the last 48 hours.

The growth of Steam in the last year was helped massively by the success and popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which, despite falling slightly in the number of active players, still sees daily peaks of over 800,000 players.

Three of Steam’s top 10 games by daily concurrent users are Valve titles, with Dota 2 currently being the most played game on the platform. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is third with over 550,000 concurrent players, while Team Fortress 2 is tenth with peaks of just over 46,000.

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