Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Will NOT Include Specialists or Battle Royale Mode

This year’s Call of Duty game is hotly tipped to be Modern Warfare 4. While Activision has yet to officially reveal what the next game in the franchise will be, Infinity Ward has already dropped several hints suggesting that it will indeed be Modern Warfare 4.

As a result, leaks and rumours have already started appearing relating to what we can expect in Modern Warfare 4. The latest rumour claims that the franchise’s multiplayer mode will be making a return to its roots and will not feature any specialist characters. It is also stated that there will not be any battle royale mode either.

According to GamingIntel, they state that they have spoken to sources close to the game who revealed to them that the decision has been made by Infinity Ward to do away with specialists and to not include a battle royale mode in Modern Warfare 4 as they aim to make the game more grounded.

Over the past few years, the Call of Duty franchise has included specialist characters in its multiplayer mode, giving players access to characters with special abilities. This has added another element to gameplay but has seen the franchise move away from the more simplistic combat gamers were used to in earlier Call of Duty games. Therefore, it looks like this is the route Infinity Ward has chosen to go down with Modern Warfare 4.

The source who spoke to GamingIntel also revealed that Modern Warfare 4 will feature a single-player campaign, unlike last year’s Black Ops 4, which decided to ditch a campaign in favour of focusing on the game’s multiplayer, zombies and battle royale mode. Despite Blackout proving to be a popular game mode within Black Ops 4, it looks like Modern Warfare 4 will be battle royale free, which is not a surprise given the saturation in the battle royale market right now.

While it is impossible to verify the claims made by this anonymous source, it does appear that Modern Warfare 4 will be this year’s Call of Duty game, and so the claims do not seem that far fetched, especially given how specialists wouldn’t necessarily transition smoothly in their current form into a Modern Warfare setting.

There’s certainly an appetite from gamers for Call of Duty to return to its roots, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 would be the perfect way to do it.

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