Is Liberty City heading to GTA V as Single-player DLC?

Ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar have remained silent with regards to future DLC and expansions for the single-player mode of GTA V. As we all know, Rockstar’s efforts up until now have been heavily concentrated on adding new features and updates to GTA Online which is the driving force behind the game’s huge success.

However a leaked text file from the the recent Executives and Other Criminals update could show what Rockstar have planned next. The text file was revealed on Twitter by Tezfunz, also known as Funmw2 who is well known for his previous Grand Theft Auto predictions and leaks. He claims that there is a piece of code which relates to a dancing activity which he believes is related to some SP DLC.

People have then speculated that it could be related to the Bahama Mamas Night Club which was in Grand Theft Auto IV and was also accessible in GTA V via a glitch, although the glitch no longer works as the interior doesn’t load anymore. When the glitch was found, the club was rumoured to be used for future single-player DLC, so the dancing activity discovered by TezFunz means the two could certainly be related.

TezFunz then went on to say that he can’t wait for Festive Surprise 3.0, Lowriders part 2 and Liberty City. The Festive Surprise is likely to be released before Christmas while the Loweriders part 2 update could come in early 2016. TezFunz clarified on Twitter that he wasn’t talking about textures found in the files, but the actual Liberty City suggesting that at least part of Liberty City, if not all of it will be playable either in single-player or online at some point in the future.

In addition to making updates for GTA Online for the festive period, Rockstar also recently released Liberty City Stories on iOS with Android set to receive the game soon. There is also a secret unlockable T-Shirt  for GTA Online which says “I love Liberty City”. To unlock the T-Shirt, you have to download the game on iOS and link it to the same Rockstar Social account that you use for GTA Online for either PS4, Xbox One or PC. Could all this point to a potential release of Liberty City in some form for Grand Theft Auto V?

If you are still not sure or want more information on the subject, YouTuber MrBossFTW has produced a video going into more detail about what he thinks about future GTA V DLC as well as some more evidence.

Would you like to see a playable Liberty City re-created in Grand Theft Auto V?

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