Psychonauts 2 Announced at The Game Awards 2015

Psychonauts 2, the long awaited sequel to Double Fine’s debut action adventure platformer, was announced at The Game Awards 2015 last night. The announcement was made with a teaser trailer which you can see down below:

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer took to the stage afterwards and announced that Psychonauts 2 is indeed being crowdfunded over at, a crowdfunding platform which not only lets you back the game but also invest in it so that you could potentially make a profit.

The Fig campaign page for Psychonauts 2 promises to get “the band back together” in order to make a true sequel to the first Psychonauts. “Artists Scott Campbell, Peter Chan and Nathan Stapley will be returning alongside composer Peter McConnell to contribute their unique visual and musical styles. Erik Wolpaw will also be making a comeback to collaborate on story and dialogue. Both Richard Horvitz and Nicki Rapp have promised to return to voice Razputin and Lili, with Khris Brown lined up to direct them again.” reads the campaign page.

Double Fine Productions ask for $3.3 million from its backers, but the game will not be funded solely by crowdfunding. “…as we’ve previously said we need to raise at least the same amount that went into making the original Psychonauts, which had a budget in the $10-13.5m range. In order to do that, we need to gather money from multiple sources.” reads the campaign. This is why the game will also be funded by Double Fine itself and by other external partners of Double Fine.

As a time frame for when Psychonauts 2 is expected to release Double Fine don’t have an exact date yet, but say that they expect it to have a much shorter development cycle than the first game, which took 5 years to make. “Psychonauts 2, as a sequel, has already built a solid foundation and answered a lot of the questions we’d otherwise face – What is this game? Who are the characters? What is the gameplay going to be like? etc. With all that in mind, we are estimating that Psychonauts 2 will be finished for a release in 2018.”

You can take a look at the Psychoanuts 2 Fig campaign pitch down below or, if you are interested in more details about the campaign, you can visit the Psychonauts 2 campaign page here.

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