Final Fantasy’s Behemoth Has Arrived in Monster Hunter: World

Behemoth has arrived in Monster Hunter: World as part of the title’s collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV. The flagship enemy in the Final Fantasy series has made his entrance to Capcom’s popular franchise in Monster Hunter: World’s fourth free title update.

It’s recommended by Capcom that hunters fight Behemoth in groups of four players. Pre-planning dedicated roles, such as Tank and Support, will also prove to be useful.

Mechanics from Final Fantasy XIV are incorporated into this hunt. Players will build up “Enmity” while attacking Behemoth’s head. The more Enmity that’s built up, the more Behemoth is going to focus his attacks on that specific player. When the red line singles out this player, Behemoth is focusing all his attacks on this hunter alone. This allows everyone else in the group to attack the beast at will.

Behemoth rains down meteors from the sky, which stay on the ground as large rocks. These can be destroyed by both Behemoth’s attacks and hunters. The rocks play a crucial role in providing cover from Behemoth’s devastating Ecliptic Meteor attack which is able to wipe out an entire squad of well-equipped players in an instant.

As a reward for slaying Behemoth, players have the chance to craft the new Final Fantasy-themed gear: Dragoon Drachen armor and the Insect Glaive called True Gae Bolg. There is also new Moogle-style Palico gear to craft, and Cactuars start appearing throughout the New World.

An even harder version of this hunt will arrive next month with the addition of Extreme Behemoth. Plus, the long awaited PC version of Monster Hunter: World is releasing next week on August 9th.

For more information on the Monster Hunter x Final Fantasy Collaboration, be sure to check out this article regarding its first announcement which took place at E3 2018.

For the full list of patch notes from the latest update, head over to the official Monster Hunter: World website.

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