Several PlayStation PlayLink Titles Delayed in Europe, Now Releasing 22nd November

It was revealed on PlayStation’s Twitter that several games that use PlayStation’s PlayLink app for their gameplay have had their release dates delayed in Europe. The delayed titles include Hidden Agenda from Supermassive Games, Knowledge is Power from Wish Studios and SingStar Celebration from SIE London Studio. All of the above games will now be released on the 22nd of November in European territories; the North American release dates haven’t changed.

While Sony hasn’t released any details for the reason behind this delay, considering the North American release hasn’t been affected, there’s a possibility that an issue with the European localisation might have been the cause. The PlayLink might have also been a factor since it appears that only PlayLink titles have been delayed, but there is no official explanation for the matter.

In terms of the games delayed, the first is the murder mystery title from Supermassive Games, Hidden Agenda. Depending on the mode selected, a group of players can either cooperate to solve the mystery surrounding a string of homicides or covertly try to complete secret objectives with gameplay that was apparently inspired from their knockout success Until Dawn. The second is a slightly more classical idea of a party game in Knowledge is Power, a quiz-based trivia game. Knowledge is Power puts slightly more emphasis on reactions than other games in the same field, and the use of individual phone screens means that players can hinder each other by placing ice and sludge on their opponent’s answer buzzer. The final game that was delayed was the latest release for PlayStation’s song-based party game, SingStar Celebration. This particular entry uses modes that are geared towards larger groups due to the PlayLink bypassing the need for the usual SingStar microphones.

We’ll keep our ears out for further details and especially any on the reason for the delay.

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