Final Inside FM Episode Reveals Football Manager AI Improvements

The seventh and final episode of Inside FM has been released by SI Games, taking a closer look at transfers and changes to AI in the game:

Transfers and contract negotiations in Football Manager have long been simplified compared to real life, and the new version will address that with new clauses, payment options, and bonuses. This will allow for more maneuverability to comply with Financial Fair Play and increased loan options for threadbare squads in need of emergency cover. New contract options include staggering bonuses so that players can get pay-outs after, for example, fifteen games and then again after thirty games. This will add more realism, but players will be hoping it does not make contract negotiations more drawn out than they already are.

AI opponents will operate more intelligently in the transfer market according to the video, offering higher fees for in-form players (as we have seen with Leicester City players pursued by bigger clubs in recent times, for example) and making better judgements based on the current balance and needs of their squad. Hopefully, this will mean an end to moving to a new club only to find 8 left-backs and no defensive midfielders or home-grown players on the books.

We are also promised improved reactions from rival managers, fans, media, and the board based on league form. Rather than simply looking at your final position against your predicted position in the league, they will consider your success in escaping relegation or challenging for a spot in continental competition when evaluating performance. Perhaps this will finally mean an end to being called into question ahead of a Champions League final for losing to a lower division side in a domestic cup a few seasons before.

With Inside FM and FMTV now brought to an end, all eyes will turn towards the November 10th release and the pre-purchase beta to see if this year’s edition lives up to the self-promoted hype.

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