NES Classic Returning in 2018, Production Extended for SNES Mini

Nintendo Japan, America and Europe have all announced today that the NES Classic will be returning in 2018.

It seemed Nintendo managed to underestimate the demand for their compact console back in 2016 because at launch the NES Classic became almost impossible to get a hold of, leaving many potential buyers frustrated and NES-less. But after all the criticism, Nintendo look to be trying to make amends by kicking it back into production for 2018. It’s not yet known how many units will be produced, but we’re all hoping that this time there will be enough to go round.

Nintendo also announced that they will be extending production of the SNES Mini into 2018 too. For a while there, it seemed that the SNES Mini was bound to suffer the same fate as its predecessor, but it would appear Nintendo have learned from their mistakes last time. So, good news for those that thought they were going to miss out, but you still better get your orders in quickly!

The SNES mini is set to launch on the 29th of September and will include 21 pre-installed games, 2 controllers an HDMI and USB power cable.

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