Knack II Gets a Demo Ahead of Release

Ahead of Knack II’s release next week, Sony have just released a free demo for the game on the PlayStation store.

Knack II, as you can guess from the title, is a sequel to the 2014 game Knack, which was a launch title for the PS4. The download is only 2.6GB and includes access to the Monastery level. The demo also comes with PlayStation Pro options for a High Definition and High Frame Rate graphics mode.

The original Knack wasn’t received well, but designer Mark Cerny said in 2014 that he believes there was still a lot of room to work in the Knack world. When asked if there would ever be a sequel, he responded, “I would love to keep working with the [Knack] brand, definitely. There’s a lot unexplored there, I think anybody who played the game would tell you that.”

Most people hold Knack in high regard as it was still in the top 20 games sold on the US PlayStation Store as recently as this year. The game was announced at the PlayStation Experience event in December and is developed by Sony’s Japan Studio, with Mark Cerny at the helm.

Knack II comes out September 6th on PS4.

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