Donut County Reveal Trailer and Screenshots

Few games have been able to base their whole concept on one mechanic and have it be a hit with critics and fans alike. Games like Katamari, Fez, Braid, and World of Goo all cater to that childlike aspect of games, the times you’re sitting in front of the screen, mouth open, playing with the most simple yet deep mechanics the industry has to offer. They seem to spark interest the minute their concepts are revealed to you. The best thing about it is that after that initial honeymoon phase, these games keep giving you treasure troves of content all centered on that one original concept. We might be getting another one of these games in 2018 thanks to developer Ben Esposito and his game, Donut County.

The main thing about donuts is their center, the hole! The newest trailer for Donut County, and the game itself, is centered on the concept of fitting things inside an almost wizard-like hole. Several minimalist art style scenes are waiting for the player to ingest the various objects and animals into a hole in the ground. The trailer gets interesting when several abilities are added to the mix, like spitting out the objects you once had control of. The concept looks dangerously addictive, and the art style granted the game an IGF finalist spot (2015). The game is expected in 2018. Along with the reveal trailer, a pair of screenshots show off the game’s expertly designed levels below. Enjoy, and check back to Gaming Respawn for more information.

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