New Trailer and Release Date for GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run

A new trailer and content details for the next GTA Online update, Smuggler’s Run, have been announced on

Unlike the original Smuggler’s Run (one of Rockstar’s early PS2 releases) and its off-road vehicles, the focus of the latest GTA Online update is on the skies as Nervous Ron seeks a partner to make smuggling drops from high above Los Santos and Blaine County. Rockstar promise the addition of several new aircraft which, with the assistance of Charlie the Mechanic, will have a range of customisation options. There will be a huge hangar added as well to serve both as a garage for your collection flying machines and your HQ for missions.

A wealth of airborne options is shown in the trailer from jet planes to helicopters and propeller aircraft to microlights. The video also shows glimpses of aerial dogfights, bombing runs, and some intense action over the city streets and amongst the hills and valleys out of town. Throw in some sniper action from helicopters and sky-diving in night-vision gear, and this looks set to be an explosive new update.

Further additions are to come over the next few months with Rockstar releasing a few details. A small number of new road vehicles has been promised along with competitive Adversary Modes. As well as the usual Halloween and Christmas-themed updates, players can expect brand new racing circuits combining sections across air, sea, and land. Vehicles will transform at checkpoints as the action shifts between the water, the road, and the skies.

GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run will be available on all platforms on Tuesday, August 29th.

Watch the trailer below:

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