Demon Gaze II Coming This November

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Kadokawa Games is bringing its unique RPG westward later this year. The announcement came months ago with no hint at a release date, but now we know Demon Gaze II will land in retail stores and on the PlayStation store November 17th, 2017.

The brightly-coloured RPG puts players in the shoes of the Demon Gazer and throws you into a fight for Asteria’s people. Your foe, Magnastar, has put a spell on the entire population of Asteria, causing them to blindly follow his lead. With help from the Revolutionist Party, players will conquer their foes by using their Demon Powers to manipulate the battlefield to their advantage. Take control of several key abilities, like Trance Demon Mode which turns your enemies on their own. Lastly, develop relationships with your allies which could eventually lead to more romantic paths. 

The original Demon Gaze met mixed reviews in the West, currently holding a seventy on Metacritic. Many critics were immediately discouraged by the game’s less than average visuals and graphical fidelity but gave it the thumbs up when it came to the gameplay and progression (the main ingredient to any JRPG). They also commented on the game’s harsh learning curve, a problem Kadokawa is sure they fixed this time around, as the game is said to be developed with all players of RPGs in mind. From low level rookies to hard game plus pros, the developer is confident that players will find their new edition not so frustrating as the last.

The original version of Demon Gaze II was released in Japan September 29th, 2016, on PlayStation Vita. Buyers from the West will also be able to order a limited edition version which  comes with the game, an art book, and soundtrack all encapsulated inside a collector’s box.

The collector’s edition will be available for PS4 and PlayStation Vita, costing $59.99 and $49.99, respectively. For now, enjoy the original trailer for the game and stay tuned to Gaming Respawn for more information on Demon Gaze II.

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