New Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Trailer Looks More Like Gears of War Than Final Fantasy

Today, Square Enix have released a brand new gameplay trailer for upcoming downloadable content, Episode Prompto, which releases June 27th for Final Fantasy XV for PS4 and Xbox One.

Although the trailer opens up with Prompto infiltrating a snowy outpost as he finds himself alone after being separated from his group, it soon shows that Final Fantasy has gone all-out Gears of War as we are blessed with some fast paced third-person shooting gameplay as Prompto blasts away his foes. We also see that he commandeers a snowmobile to escape (presumably) and also to get around. Prompto can also use his melee and magic skills, so it’s not all guns blazing.

Episode Prompto is the second DLC add-on for Final Fantasy, the first being Episode Gladiolus which allowed players to play as the big guy. I wonder what will come for Episode Ignis.

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