E3 2017: PlayStation Roundup

Wow. Just wow. Now THAT is how you do an E3 conference! Ever since the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony’s mantra has been games, games, oh, and games. Their E3 conference echoed this mentality perfectly. Only Shawn Layden graced the stage during the hour-long presentation, and that was only twice throughout the whole show. Sony just hit us with trailer after trailer, and it was fantastic. There were a couple of surprises but nothing as major as the Ubisoft one. Mostly, the presentation was just a further look at titles we knew were coming. Whoever directed these game trailers for Sony deserves a frigging Oscar (of course, they will have to make the category for best video game trailer) because pretty much all of them left you on the edge of your seat. The only downside to this conference? The sound was messed up for the first two trailers, so all of us not lucky enough to be in attendance had a hard time hearing what was going on.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The first trailer, but as previously mentioned, the sound was all sorts of messed up. We see some more footage from the upcoming standalone DLC featuring series favourite Chloe Frazer, who enlists the help of Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The two must work together in order to recover a fabled ancient Indian artifact and keep it out of the hands of a ruthless warmonger.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Aloy is back in Horizon Zero Dawn’s first DLC, The Frozen Wilds. The trailer doesn’t give us much to go on story-wise, so stay tuned for some further updates. All the elements that made Horizon so popular appear to be back in this DLC, so Guerrilla Games can expect another massive hit on their hands.


Monster Hunter World

The hugely popular Monster Hunter franchise makes its debut on the PlayStation 4 with Monster Hunter World. All the aspects which make the game so popular appear to be here: monsters, gigantic swords, carving blades, they are all here.


Shadow of the Colossus

We were treated last-gen to an HD version on the PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of Colossus. Now, we are being treated to a full glorious remake of Team Ico’s incredible title.


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Sony gifted us the story trailer for the upcoming crossover beat ’em’ up. It is a story that could be taken straight out of an MCU movie with an over the top plot full of everyone’s favourite Marvel Superheroes and Capcom veterans.


Call of Duty: WWII

Going back to their roots is what Activision said when Call of Duty: WWII was announced. This trailer certainly shows that as we see various battles from numerous locations across WWII. The standard Call of Duty blockbuster feel is most definitely here as there are explosions everywhere. Battlefield should be nervously looking over the shoulder as Call of Duty could be ready to take back their FPS crown.


Skyrim VR

Not content with the Nintendo Switch mobile version of The Elder Scrolls V, you can now play Skyrim in VR. A surprise, for sure, but a strange one. Bethesda should really stop re-releasing Skyrim and work on, oh, I don’t know, The Elder Scrolls VI maybe!


Starchild VR

A brand new 3rd person VR IP for Sony here. There is very little to go on in the trailer for Starchild apart from it looks nice and that there appears to be a boss-battle element in the game.


The Inpatient VR

Fancy exploring a mental asylum in VR? Well, then The Inpatient is for you. Something seems a bit off with this ‘hospital’, so be prepared to be screaming and trying to hide while exploring this upcoming VR horror game.


Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep VR

Did you enjoy the fishing in Final Fantasy XV? Did you ever wish you could actually be there on the water’s edge? Well, Monsters of the Deep will let you do just that. This looks to be just a quick to finish add-on for FFXV.


Bravo Team VR

VR FPS, now that’s what I’m talking about. VR should be about two things, firstly, getting scared the crap out of, and secondly, shooting things. Bravo Team has you covered for the latter.


Moss VR

A story about a mouse exploring the wilderness. Interesting new IP for the PSVR here.


God of War

Man, that was one violent trailer. We saw Kratos in action here in the upcoming God of War (4?) where the setting switches from Greek to Norse mythology. There seems to be a hell of a lot more exploring to do in the newest entry, and it isn’t just all hack and slash. There appears to be a lot of hack and slash still, of course, just a bit more exploring to help keep the game fresh.


Detroit: Become Human

David Cage’s (of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls fame) latest release looks to be his best yet. Set in a future Detroit, androids have become a popular tool for an easy life. That is until the revolution begins. You take the role of Marcus, once android slave who has ‘woken up’. Much like in Heavy Rain and previous releases, Detroit will let you carve your own story. Will you choose to lead a pacifist revolution, or will you lead a violent uprising? There seems to be a plethora of choices before you as you write your own story.


Destiny 2

Nothing much new here from the previous Halo chiefs. Just another look at the upcoming sequel to the online shooter. If you are desperate to get your hands on Destiny 2, then getting it on the PS4 is highly recommended. PS4 players will enjoy exclusive content and loot.



Saving the best till last? Shawn Layden certainly thought so, and after watching the gameplay trailer, you would be hardpressed to disagree. Following everyone’s favourite neighbourhood wall-crawler, Spidey investigates a gang known as The Demons. They appear to be hellbent on taking Kingpin’s territory. Spider-Man has to uwillingly help his nemesis in order to find out who the leader of this new and extremely dangerous gang is.

We are treated to some stealth action as Spidey takes care of some Demon goons. Fans of the Arkham games will be right at home here as this is pretty much how those games played, but obviously, with the Spider-Man twist. After a dramatic cross-town chase, Spider-Man has to stop a crane from crushing a busy New York City street below in one of the most impressive in-game set-pieces I have ever seen.

What a conference from Sony!

As always, stick with Gaming Respawn for everything E3.

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