Metro: Exodus Announced, Will Be Releasing in 2018 as an Xbox Exclusive

A third game in the Metro franchise, Metro: Exodus, has been announced during the Microsoft E3 Conference.

The sequel to 2013’s Metro: Last Light will be releasing in 2018, although no specific timeframe was given by Microsoft. However, unlike the previous game in the series, Last Light, Exodus will be an Xbox One exclusive. It’s not the first time though that a Metro game has been an Xbox exclusive, with the very first game, Metro 2033, only being available on Xbox 360 and PC (at least until the release of the Metro Redux compilation which came with the first and second games together for all platforms).

Unlike Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, Metro: Exodus will feature a proper open-world for the first time, giving players the freedom to explore the wasteland above ground as they please.

Here’s the E3 trailer for Metro: Exodus.

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