Steam Summer Sale Date Leaked

The Steam summer sale will begin on the 22nd of June, as said in a leaked email from Valve to an unknown developer. Of course, this leak has not been confirmed by any official party yet, but it seems likely this will be the start of the big discount extravaganza.

The email shows that the sale will run from June 22nd at 09:50 AM Pacific and end on July 5th at 10:05 AM Pacific. There has been no word as to what games will be discounted during the sale, but if Valve follows previous sale tactics, then you can expect some big, big discounts. 2016’s summer sale was a massive success for Valve, as the company made $236 million and sold 37 million games, according to Steam Spy.

If you have your eye on a specific title on Steam, it might be worth saving it to your wishlist. It seems the Steam Summer Sale will soon be upon us, which can also mean one thing…our poor, poor wallets.

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