Saints Row 2 Goes Completely Free on GOG for a Limited Time

Deep Silver is currently doing a giveaway of Volition’s GTA-like open-world action game, Saints Row 2, for a period of 48 hours. The giveaway, being a part of Saints Row’s major discounts at GOG, allows any user with a GOG account to get the game with no additional cost. Players will have the benefit of experiencing Saints Row 2 without the hindrance of DRM, though its multiplayer component is only available for local network (LAN). Moreover, Steam users that owned any game in the Saints Row series will be eligible to have bonus correspondent copies via GOG Connect. The giveaway and its additional offer are slated to expire at 10am GMT 22nd July 2017.

Saints Row 2 was the second installment of Volition’s Saints Row series. Considered to be a competitor with the Grand Theft Auto series, the game grants the player the freedom to explore, complete missions, and do tricks and stunts in the vast urban environment of Stillwater. However, Saints Row 2 (as well as its sequel) was designed to be funnier, wackier, less realistic, and less serious than the original Grand Theft Auto. The game received favorable reviews for its enjoyable gameplay and comedic storyline, though its PC version was criticized due to performance issues and the absence of mission DLCs.

The Saints Row 2 giveaway can be obtained by accessing this link, while Steam users that are eligible for the GOG Connect can go to this link (GOG and Steam account with owned Saint Row game(s) required).

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