Download the Original StarCraft for Free

After a long period of fixing and testing, Blizzard has officially released the critically-acclaimed real-time strategy game StarCraft for free.

Everyone can download both the original game and its expansion (Brood War) with just one simple click. Moreover, the free version will fix various compatibility issues when running on modern OS’s from Windows 7 and MacOS 10.11 onwards. The classic interface is also revamped with additional functions, such as friends lists, and its multiplayer component received netcode fixes and anti-cheat measures. As a part of eSports supports, StarCraft will include new features like Observer mode, Action-per-Minute display, and FISH server (Korea-based competitive ladder).

The free release of StarCraft is a part of Blizzard’s plan to prepare for the definitive StarCraft Remastered. The remastered version will enhance the graphics with native 4K resolution, while retaining its iconic original gameplay. Also, both the free and remastered versions will be multiplayer compatible via classic, which allow  players to fight skirmish matches together in a unified service. StarCraft free edition originally planned to launch in March but postponed due to a large number of bugs in the PTR version.

Everyone can get the game by clicking on this link to download its installer, although there isn’t any exact date for the release of StarCraft Remastered as of yet.

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