Rainbow Six Siege beta extended

Rainbow Six Siege’s closed beta has been extended by three days, Ubisoft has announced.

The beta was due to close later today however Ubisoft have decided to extend the beta until Thursday, October 1. No reason has officially been given but due to many players not receiving their keys at the start of the beta and therefore having less playtime, it seems plausible the extension is to make sure everyone can have a good amount of time with the beta. Besides, all the feedback will be great for Ubisoft regardless of them leaving it up for three more days.

Speaking on Reddit yesterday, a Ubisoft spokeswoman said that all keys had now been delivered and that tools were in place to speed up the process.

“We are now utilizing alternative invite distribution tools that should help speed up the process. Sometimes the emails wind up in your spam folder so be sure to check there as well.”

She added, “The GOOD news is that for those who have received their access, the experience has been trending positively! We’ve been getting good feedback on the content of the beta, and matchmaking and server stability have already been improved. There are still a few issues to work out, of course, and we will continue to do that over the course of the beta. Given the current situation, we’ve made the decision to extend the Closed Beta by 3 days. It will run through Thursday, October 1st.”

The closed beta has only been available to those who have pre-ordered a copy of Rainbow Six Siege already as well as anyone who has redeemed a code for the beta or had an invitation from Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege will launch worldwide on PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 1.

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