Touchdown: Armor League Now Live on Kickstarter – Football Meets Action Arena Shooter

If you’re a big fan of football and arena shooters, we may have just the game for you in the form of Touchdown: Armor League, a brand new fast-paced competitive game that has just hit Kickstarter.

Dubbed the “Rocket League” of American football, Touchdown: Armor League is seeking to raise at least $50,000 to help developers Ares Games, a Hong-Kong based games studio, finish developing the game, as well as supporting them with their first game launch outside of the Chinese gaming market.

“Through Kickstarter, we’re hoping to obtain the funds to finish the game and support our studio’s first launch outside of the Chinese gaming market,” the studio said. “We want to go independent and share our innovative game with the international gaming community.”

Wei Gu, Producer and Director of Touchdown: Armor League added“Fast-paced combat and balanced competitive gameplay is the core of Touchdown: Armor League. All of us at Ares Games are really excited to share this exhilarating style of mechanized combat with sports gameplay. We want to create a game with maximum creativity independently, and with your help we can bring this project to life!”

In Touchdown: Armor League, players take part in competitive 6v6 arena matches with each player being fully equipped with power suits as they fight for control of the ball to enable them to score a Touchdown.

In Touchdown: Armor League, each team is made up of 6 players. It’s up to you to carry the ball past the enemy Touchdown line by any means necessary to win your team points. Blast opponents out of the sky, use rocket boosters to create sneak attacks, and even fully obliterate enemy power suits. Show no mercy.

Teams score a point every time they make a touchdown. The team with the most points after a 15 minute match wins the game. It’s fast-paced, skill-intensive, and will require your team to work as one to win.

Gameplay is dynamic. Possession can change quickly and an offensive play can suddenly become a defensive one. There is opportunity for both flawless teamwork and individual displays of awesomeness.

Some of the key features of Touchdown: Armor League include:

  • Experience competitive team-based gameplay in a 6v6 online multiplayer arena—fight for control of the ball and score amongst the mayhem
  • Skill-based passes are vital to becoming an all star quarterback
  • Competitive ranked seasons to test your skills against the very best
  • Choose from a wide array of suits to best match your playstyle. Choose the Speeder suit to blitz to the touchdown line or maybe the Juggernaut for maximum firepower to blow your enemies out of the arena
  • Unlock hundreds of customizations for your suit. With a wide selection of customization options available, you can tailor your suit to its maximum potential
  • Grab a couple friends, create your own team, and compete in the season!
There are several backer tiers available to those interested in helping fund the game. A minimum pledge of $19 is required to receive a copy of the game at launch, as well as beta access to Touchdown: Armor League. Higher tier packages grant players special in-game skins and weapons along with additional copies of the game depending on how much is pledged. Anyone who pledges more than $100 will also be able to get their very own victory dance added to the game.

You can check out Touchdown: Armor League‘s Kickstarter here.

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