Mobile Studio Elex Team up with Activision for Call of Duty Mobile Games

Elex, which is the game development and publishing subsidiary of Chinese Universe Publishing and Media, have announced a deal with Activision to develop mobile platform games using the Call of Duty IP.

Elex has a history of mobile gaming development with previous releases including Clash of Kings and Magic Rush.

The new deal is reportedly set to last for over three years after the first of the new unannounced Call of Duty games is released. Elex will not be required to pay any IP fee to Activision for using the popular first-person shooter brand, and it is also reported that the cost of development and profits will be split 50/50 by Elix and Activision.

This isn’t the first time the Call of Duty franchise has been released on mobile platforms, Call of Duty: Strike Team, which allowed you to switch between first and third-person, was released in 2013, and Call of Duty: Heroes ,which released in 2014, is a real-time strategy title which sits more with Elex’s previous developmental history.

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