New Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III Images Revealed at MAGIC 2017

This past weekend Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed some long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated new images at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference 2017 (MAGIC 2017) of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay, as well as a new image from Kingdom Hearts III. After the presentation, Square Enix shared the images on its Twitter pagesearch as well.

The screen-shots and the information Director Tetsuya Nomura gave can be seen down below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

“Here is a new image of Final Fantasy VII,” director Tetsuya Nomura said (via “I’ve put a lot of attention into the combat system, and it’s going to happen without interruption. In meetings, we’ve had a lot of problems with the grenades.” Nomura also mentioned that allies won’t take damage from grenades.

“Here is the first boss in the game,” Nomura continued. “It’s a Scorpion, and the scenery will be partly destructible. Sorry, I asked to show a video, but the company refused. The menus are not yet final, but I will talk more on another occasion.”

Kingdom Hearts III

“This is the first time we show this screenshot of Kingdom Hearts III,” director Tetsuya Nomura said (via “It’s happening in Thebes and they are fighting a new model of the Heartless. The Keyblade turns into a lot of things. Here it is a shield, but it can also be transformed into a chariot. This is called Power Form.”

Surely fans of both series can’t wait. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Kingdom Hearts III will be available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although there are still no given release dates yet.

Source: *Gematsu

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