For Honor Multiplayer Will Not Use Dedicated Servers

Ubisoft’s For Honor will not use dedicated servers for multiplayer and will instead opt for peer-to-peer matchmaking, one alpha tester has revealed on Reddit.

The For Honor alpha is live right now for a small group of PC players, but the alpha testers are currently under a non-disclosure agreement. However, one tester has broken that agreement and has revealed that there will be no dedicated servers for the game’s multiplayer.

Redditor MexGrow produced a video explaining Ubisoft’s decision to opt against dedicated servers and what that means for anyone who jumps into multiplayer. As a result of using peer-to-peer matchmaking, MexGrow says that gamers will experience lengthier waits to find a match than would be the case if dedicated servers were used. Not only that, but peer-to-peer matchmaking is also a lot less reliable compared to dedicated servers, meaning that players will suffer more disconnects and will experience untenable gameplay.

There are a few other downfalls to using P2P matchmaking as well, which MexGrow explains in more detail in the video below.

A petition has been started which is urging Ubisoft to add dedicated servers for the multiplayer component of For Honor. So far only a handful of people have signed the petition, but as more people become aware of the pitfalls of Ubisoft’s decision, it’s likely that more gamers will rally behind the cause. You can check out the petition here.

As the game’s longevity will rely on its multiplayer component, it seems imperative that servers are as reliable and stable as possible and help deliver the best gaming experience available. This news will likely put some gamers off purchasing For Honor, especially if they are buying the game mainly for the multiplayer. For Honor will also require a constant internet connection, so the last thing gamers want to experience is random disconnects and poor game performance while in a match.

Hopefully, Ubisoft change their mind and opt for dedicated servers.

For Honor will be heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14th. Will there be love in the air for For Honor come Valentine’s Day?

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