EA DICE Unveils New Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Mode

Official details have been provided by DICE and Electronic Arts explaining the latest game mode for their popular Battlefield 1 title. Battlefield 1 has yet to receive any paid DLC until next year, but after recently putting out an update for the game, DICE and Electronic Arts have also added yet another custom game mode called Eye to Eye.

As stated in an official blog post from DICE themselves, they have described the mode as “A fast-paced custom game mode.” DICE also went on further to say, “A new custom game catered for close-quarters enthusiasts is now available. Set on the Amiens map, ‘Eye to Eye’ is a fast-paced custom game mode for the assault class only.

In Eye to Eye you are only allowed to spawn as a shotgun-wielding assault player, making this custom game all-out infantry. With no regenerative health and no means to revive, the strategy is simple: kill or be killed!

Head to the custom games tab in the Battlefield 1 multiplayer menu and give Eye to Eye a try.”

The tight, winding streets of the Amiens map will suit the shotgun style of playing perfectly, rewarding the players with fast reactions, a high K/D ratio and plenty of XP points. Although Eye to Eye is certainly not the only custom game mode to be made available by DICE and Electronic Arts, earlier this month gamers could play the Line of Sight mode and also use the custom game mode filters to find hard-core servers for a more rewarding and challenging experience. The Eye to Eye mode should give some in and out, fast paced, quick match situations that will be ideal for those short gaming sessions when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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