World of Warcraft Nostalrius Return Set for December 17th

The vanilla World of Warcraft Nostalrius servers will make a long awaited return later this month, courtesy of the Elysium Project. After several months of being offline, the servers will finally be switched back on on Saturday December 17th at 5pm UK time, 12pm EST.

The vanilla private servers had tens of thousands concurrent users before they were shut down earlier this year by Blizzard, as the server went against their terms and conditions. However, fans of the Nostalrius servers were determined for its legacy to live on and started a petition asking for Blizzard to reinstate the servers or to open their own legacy servers.

Unexpectedly, the petition blew up and gained hundreds of thousands of signatures and led to Blizzard inviting the Nostalrius team to their HQ for talks. Despite some positive signs, there’s been no official word from Blizzard on the matter.

Despite it reopening, Blizzard haven’t exactly given their permission for the server to reopen, but the Nostalrius team have decided to take matters into their own hands with or without Blizzard’s support. As a result of Blizzard closing the servers down in the first place, the reopening will happen under a new name and will be part of the Elysium Project.

The Nostalrius database will be carried over though, meaning that returning players can carry on from where they left off before the server got closed down. Not only that, but two new servers, one for PvP and one PvE, will be launched to allow players who want to start again to do so.

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