Farming Simulator 17 Surpasses 1 Million Sales

Farming Simulator 17 sold over a million copies in the first month of its release when it launched in October, publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced.

The launch sales of Farming Simulator 17 are twice the sales of the previous Farming Simulator game. During its life Farming Simulator 15 sold 3 million copies, so this year’s entry is well on its way to surpassing that figure on all platforms.

Unsurprisingly, over half of all sales of Farming Simulator 17 were on PC; however, what is more surprising is the fact that the majority of PC copies of the game were bought in-store. 220,000 copies were sold on Steam though, so that’s still rather impressive, and with the game sitting with a “very positive” user review rating on Steam, Farming Simulator 17 has been one of the surprise hits of 2016.

Farming Simulator 17 performed extremely well in the console market as well when it came to sales, with the game grabbing top spot in the charts across all platforms in Germany upon release. It hit number three in Scandinavia, number four in France, and in the UK it took the 5th spot.

Farming Simulator, and simulator games in general, have long been regarded as a niche market; however, it’s obvious that there is definitely a big market for these kinds of games, even on consoles where simulators have tended to flop. That in itself makes the success story of Farming Simulator 17 an impressive one. The fact that it launched in the busiest time of the year when it comes to gaming and went up against the likes of Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, and Dishonored 2, it’s a testament to just how great a game Farming Simulator 17 actually is.

Maybe the reason some of this year’s biggest games failed to meet sales expectations were in part down to Farming Simulator 17 stealing sales? We’ll let you decide…

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