YouTube Gaming Launches Today

Google’s rival for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, will launch later today, according to Ars Technica. The service is similar to Twitch in that it allows gamers to stream their games live to audiences around the world.

YouTube Gaming is Google’s attempt at competing against Twitch for gamers and video-related content. Google had tried to purchase Twitch last year but were unsuccessful in their attempt, leading to them to create their own platform hoping to lure streamers from Twitch to their service. Most streams on Twitch end up on YouTube anyway however so having everything all on one platform may be enticing.

Google’s platform will also feature a “DVR Mode” as it looks to gain one up on Twitch. The “DVR Mode” which will automatically capture the last four hours of any livestream, allowing viewers to rewind the stream at will.

The YouTube Gaming website should be available soon with the companion app also being available to download shortly. The app will be available on both iOS and Android and will allow users to view streams as well as starting streaming themselves.

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