Remedy Entertainment Teases New Game, Could It Be Alan Wake 2 or Quantum Break 2?

Remedy Entertainment have released a trailer on Twitter teasing a new game which they say will be announced soon.

The trailer, which features Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake who makes sure that we know exactly who he is, offered little clues as to what game they will be announcing. However, speculation is rife with rumours that it could be “Alan Wake 2”. Or not. We just don’t know.

The studio are famous for developing Alan Wake as well as the first two Max Payne games. However, the studio’s most recent title was Quantum Break which was released on Xbox One and PC back in April. There’s a chance it could be “Quantum Break 2”, although it would seem unlikely that the studio would announce a sequel less than a year after releasing the game.

Remedy are currently working on CrossFire 2 as well as an unannounced project which we assume is the game the trailer is hinting at.

Keep an eye out at The Game Awards next month where we may just see exactly what Remedy Entertainment have in the pipeline.

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